How to earn $200 from WP Engine Affiliate

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How to earn $200 from WP Engine Affiliate 1 How to earn $200 from WP Engine Affiliate •

Web hosting affiliate has been encountering unmetered propagation as a very lucrative way to which bloggers make a living daily and WP Engine Affiliate program is among them rewarding bloggers with good Commissions and bonuses.

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WP Engine Hosting overview and details

WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting provider. This means that, you can only use WordPress as the major CMS for your website.

A managed hosting means that the hosting provider undertakes all security related risks and technical perfomance of your website. If you own a website hosted by WP Engine and faced a cyber attack, the company will compensate you for the losses that occurred due to the attack .

The other thing about managed hosting is that the company will do updates for your Plugins and backup your site regularly. They also offer you a technical assistance via their web experts.

WP Engine has expensive packages that aren’t favourable for small bloggers, they are the best for large enterprises like an ecommerce website or an online store. If you are looking forward to start a large business website, that you need security, effective backups, technical support and speed then WP Engine is your lit choice. WP Engine uses Google cloud platform where website hosted under them load at a lighting speed.

Apart from being expensive they are so concerned to offer a basic plan on which it costs $30 with 25000 monthly visits. Get WP Engine basic plan here and enjoy the features.

Products overview

  • 35+ Premium StudioPress Themes included for free on every plan type.
  • 3 environments on each site – Development, Staging & Production.
  • Automated migration plugin.
  • GeoIP Targeting and Offsite Backups.
  • Global CDN free on every plan.
  • Automated backups.
  • Automatic core updates.
  • Page Performance tool included for free.
  • World-Class WordPress security from Global Edge Security.
  • WordPress optimized platform.
  • PHP 7.3 ready.
  • Automated SSL certificates.
  • 18 data centers available globally.
  • SSH Gateway.
  • Fully Optimized WP Engine DevKit.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Global Edge Security.
  • Content Performance.
  • Application Performance. (dedicated plans only)
  • Smart Plugin Manager

One thing that I like about WP Engine is that their prices worth it, they aren’t trying to scam you up. You can get a basic plan from WP Engine and watch your business grow to achieve online success.

WP Engine Affiliate

Do you like promoting quality products in your blog? Then WP Engine Affiliate platform is an idle choice for you.The company has an Affiliate program managed by a third-party known as sharesales, the world’s most common affiliate manager.

This company pays it’s affilites as low a $200 per successful referral. The Affiliate program is a two tier program. What I mean by this is when you refer a friend to join the program,and he makes a sale you will earn a commission of $50. How many programs really do that.

WP Engine plans and services are all affiliated. Any product your customer purchases qualifies you to earn a commission. When you sell Studiopress themes you also earn a 35% commission.

As to increase effectiveness, they have a long time cookies system. When you refer a customer to them via your link, a six months cookies is stored in their browser. Even if the customer doesn’t make a purchase immediately but does before the six months, you will still earn a commission.

Another thing I love about WP Engine is that they reward hardworking Affiliates with bonuses according to the number of sales they have made on that month.

WP Engine Affiliate Commissions

Do you see how you can earn huge from WP Engine? Do you want to join WP Engine Affiliate, get started here.

You will will be required to fill in the required details as they will direct you. You account will be manually verified within 2-3 days .

Once you are approved you will access banners , text links and a video to place on your site .

When I mean you can make $5000 monthly from blogging you now see it’s possibility. However if your site recieves low traffic it might be close impossibility, You actually need to grow your traffic. And if you got a huge traffic and exposure convert them into sales by taking this huge advantage.

How to receive your Payments

Before we are decisive on what Affiliate program to join we also look whether the payment methods are also available in our countries. WP Engine pays using a credit or a debit card and ACH.

If your are a Kenyan you can get paid via Payoneer. Payoneer creates you a USA bank account where you can get paid by WP Engine via ACH then into your local bank. Create a Payoneer account here if you need one.


This is an amazing program that you can make huge money from them. However you need to consider one thing, your blog needs traffic to make the dream a reality. To grow your traffic you need to understand the aspects of SEO, content marketing and social marketing as the major propellants to increasing your traffic.

If you have a reasonable amount of traffic then you can join the WP Engine affilite program and grow your blog’s income.

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