Truehost review: Does it worth your money?

Truehost review: Does it worth your money? 1 Truehost review: Does it worth your money? •

Truehost Cloud is among the top domain registrar in Kenya and also a leading web hosting company offering affordable web hosting plans. Well in our truehost review we are going to check if the company worth your cent.

Truehost is a web hosting company available in Kenya that offers cloud hosting solutions,VPS and dedicated servers to their clients. Their cheap and  remarkable hosting plans have enticed a number of customers who have hosted their websites and blogs with them.

Nonetheless, before you haste onto making a verdict on getting started with them, do they worth the it? Is it literally a good web hosting provider for any  kind of a website? And if so how beneficial are their services to both new and existing clients? Let’s examine it in our Truehost web hosting review.

About Truehost

The company was officially founded in 2016 focusing on offering internet solutions such as cloud hosting and servers.

The company vastly thrived and started entirely concentrating on web hosting technology to offer quality hosting to its customers at inexpensive prices .Following the right marketing techniques to attract more customers, both small budget and large businesses.

Since then their sales skyrocketed and they have constantly been recognized by Kenic as among the leading web hosting companies in Kenya.

Services Overview

When the excellence of web hosting services is a concern truehost has taken this opportunity to outdo their competitors by providing cheap and high-quality web hosting plans.

They offer shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud hosting as the crucial hosting solutions.

They offer three primary hosting plans.

1. Silver Hosting

It’s the basic yet a powerful hosting solution. The plan costs for ksh 1499/yr. Here are the amazing features of the plan.

  • Free SSL
  • 30 GB storage
  • Host up to 3 websites
  • Multi CMS hosting
  • Unlimited email accounts.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Daily website Backups

The plan is a wonderful option for small budget sized bloggers who are growing their web traffic and online impact

2. Gold Hosting

If your business is experiencing rapid expansions then the Gold hosting plan is an ideal choice for you. Here are its crucial features.

  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Storage space of  50 GB
  • Multi CMS hosting.
  • Daily website Backups.
  • Hosting of up to 30 websites.

The plan comes with the yearly expense of ksh 3499 ($34.99).

3. Unlimited Hosting

The plan carries along with all the great features for a huge website experiencing huge traffic every month. You will access the following services if you purchase the plan.

  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts.
  • Unlimited websites
  • Free domain
  • Multi CMS hosting
  • Daily website Backups.

The plan goes for ksh 14499 ($144.99).

3. VPS Hosting

These plans are an advance of shared hosting. Here the primary server pertitioned into smaller servers which are given madvanced configurations and resources.  Truehost provides both managed and unmanaged VPS

4. Dedicated Hosting & Servers

Dedicated Servers are also accessible in Truehost to enable larger websites to use their own primary servers and infrastructures. They provide both managed and unmanaged Dedicated hosting.

For all the Truehost plans they offer cloud hosting to render great uptime for your website up to 99.99%. They also utilize the Litespeed web server cache to yield a very fast website.

Speed Test & Server’s response

Speed is vital and very very critical for any kind of a website. In this case, it is nnecessary to choose the right web hosting company that is not at all jeopardizing your website loading speed.

Research has shown that for you to gain a better user experience  the minimum speed for your website should be 5 seconds up to 3 seconds. Anything beyond the 5 secs will cost you to lose about 75% of your visitors.

Now since we value our readers and concentrate on the delivery quality content we decided to schedule an experimental project that would help us deduce how fast the Truehost servers are to execute a very fast website.

We hosted our demo website with the Truehost cloud and uploaded our demo content which included images.

Then we decided to run a speed test with a very lightweight and default theme from WordPress that is the 2020 theme using the GT Metrix speed test tool. We decided to use Canada as our location.

This is were our results.

Speed test for Truehost

To make things more clearer we developed another strategy to test speed with a heavier theme to see the behavior of the website loading time for large websites with a higher number of files like an e-commerce website.

In this case, we went ahead and installed the Avada theme. We then ran our tests but this time we used GTmetrix and Pigdom. 

This was the result of GTmetrix.

Speed test using avada

And this was our results from the Pingdom speed test tool.

Speed test using Pigdom

As you can see the results are similar and generally incredible assuming that we never used any caching plugin or other metrics to enhance a faster website loading.

Nonetheless, the speeds from GTmetrix and Pigdom weren’t enough to generally help us gauge the server response time from Truehost. For this reason, we decided to develop a more advanced technique to help us determine how the speed from Truehost servers that can be affected by the number of users currently on the website.

We know that the number of users presently using the website can affect the loading speed of a website especially when you are using the shared plans. To make our research more solid we utilized a  tool known as Load Impact. 

We sent virtual traffic of 100 users and noted the behavior in our website speed metrics. So here were our results from load Impact.

Load Impact-truehost

Still yet the response we got was pretty darn and very encouraging. Therefore we can mutually agree that Truehost has powerful servers despite the location of the user and they’re resourced to render fast websites.


Customer support is not an option for a web hosting company. Customers, both new and existing need a very confirmational team to answer their queries and help them out when they need assistance. Such as helping them to migrate their sites from their existing hosts to their plans.

Truehost Cloud is an amazing company with outstanding support that makes them stand out the crowd in the web hosting industry in Kenya. 

Their support is enhanced with immediate using a live chat, a support ticket, and a phone. I especially like their responsive live chat support with a minimum wait time of 1 minute.

For those who are using the Truehost plans, they can fully support me that their support team is very active and pretty amazing.

Comparison with Bluehost

The Bluehost company is considered among the best web hosting companies all over the globe with longer experience in the web hosting industry. Currently, Bluehost is the official recommended company by WordPress. 

Well, let’s compare Truehost plans with Bluehost plans.

Truehost offers three major hosting plans that are Silver, Gold, and Unlimited. For all their plans you can host more than one website, free SSL included, no free domain apart from the advanced plan, that is Unlimited. Your plan also includes unlimited bandwidth and email accounts. The storage depends on the type of plan. The unlimited plan has unmetered storage space.

Their support is very active via email, a live chat, and phone. 

Bluehost has four major plans. Only the basic plan where you don’t have unlimited space and you can only host one website. For the other plans you unlimited bandwidth, space, email accounts. Free SSL and free domain are included in all the plans. 

Support is moderate using a live chat and phone only. I have heard a lot of clients complain about the Bluehost support team. 


Truehost is an amazing web hosting company offering world-class hosting solutions. Their services starting from customer support to their web hosting plans are ideal for any kind of website.

Both a small blog to a huge website. You can visit the Truehost website and get their plans now.

Thereafter enjoy their amazing services at a very cheap price.

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