How to start a blog in Kenya: Definitive Guide

How to start a blog in Kenya: Definitive Guide 1 How to start a blog in Kenya: Definitive Guide •

Are you looking for a definitive guide on how to start a blog in Kenya that makes $3500 per month? Then, you shouldn’t worry for I got the information that you needed.
What I want from you is just reading it between the lines, please don’t skim. It is lengthy but pretty informative. So let’s dive in.

What is a blog

Let us have a clue of what the word blog entails, I have dissected it as simple as possible for your understanding.

The word ‘blog’ is a truncated word for weblog. The ‘web’ means ‘online’ or ‘internet’ and ‘log’ can be used to refer to as a collection of informational data.

In simple terms, a blog is an informational website that has posts which are arranged decently according to their time of publication. The latest posts appear first followed by the older ones.

This form of arrangement is what makes a blog to be referred to as an online journal since after a given period of time it is updated with new posts unlike a common website that has static pages.

A good example of a blog is what you are reading and this content section that has the information is what that we call a blog post.

In here a writer or a group of writers come together and they decide on which topic that they should focus on.

Each time they write new information they share it to their readers on what they have discovered or learnt.

Another common feature of a blog is that it has a comment section that encourages a dialogue between a reader and the author.

When you have any information, enquiry or a suggestion then you can drop it at the comment section where the author will view and respond to your issue.

How to start a blog in Kenya

Some few years back, in order to start a blog in Kenya it was necessary for you to have the HTML and FTP skills. These skills helped you to manage and add content to your website.

However, as the internet grew more progressive, everything was simplified making it super easier to start and manage your blog.

What you need so as to start a blog in Kenya is to follow these steps and get your blog online.

Step #1: Find a killer topic

Just like any other method of content marketing blogging is used to target a certain group of readers.You just don’t blog about anything and share it to anyone.

For example you can’t start a fashion blog and basically target a farmer or a mechanic.

The two industries do not rhyme and it can seem so illogical for a reader who is looking for information on fashion to search for information about farm products.

Basically, a blogging topic is what you choose to concentrate and write about. It’s also known as a blogging niche.

For example if you are fun of technology you can decide to start a blog and write information related to technology that you think the technology funs would love reading.

Finding a great blogging topic is not all about what you are fun of, what you are passionate at and e.t.c.

Most of these topics are too competitive and for a brand new blog to earn credits from your targeted readers it’s definitely not a simple job.

You have to toil and do it the smarter way.

Well how do you find the right niche for your blog?

(a) What is my blog all about

It’s a darn simple question but apparently, you have never started a blog before. If you are kind of a person who is easily swayed by other topics I think it’s a high time for you to change.

If for example you have a sports blog and end up writing about ‘chips masala’ you are likely to strive in all your blogging career.

Reason being, the two topics do not have a correlation and you may end up mixing up your readers.

Your readers are looking for a person who is taking up a topic, dissect it as simple as possible in a very skillful way.

They will realize your expertise in that topic which you are writing about.

The best thing you need to do is to get the topics that you are interested in then, sort them to what you think suits you better and you can do it your best.

If for example you are a fashion enthusiast, you can start a blog and flavor it with all your fashion stuffs to target that group of people who are interested in same.
Sometimes, blogging topics can hit your mind by what you do frequently like in your job or business career.

Let’s say own a fashion store and you want to expand your market for your fashion products.

You can simply start a blog and write all about fashion at which you can integrate a cart system to enable your readers purchase your products.

Or else you work in a financial institution you can opt start a blog and give your audience valuable financial advice.

(b) Who are my ideal readers

Do my topic really have readers?
At some point it seems irrelevant to get a topic with low capacity of readers or else illegible volume of readers.

What you are doing as a blogger is that you want to get a topic and probably answer a question that some of this readers are enquiring.

For example, you might think of getting a topic that is talking all about ‘email marketing software’ and what you want is to answer any query related to email marketing software.

My target is to help those readers using digital marketing platforms and are probably looking for more information about these email marketing tools. In short am not targeting a group of farmers or plumbers.

As a way of getting a great blogging topic do a marketing research of whatever the niche that you want to specialize with .

To be sure that your topic has a reputable group of readers just use a keyword tool to help you understand the approximate number of people looking for information related to your topic using a related key phrase.

Let’s say you want to blog about health and lifestyle you may once decide to write on ‘how to loose weight’ as one of your blog post.

To see how many people are looking using that key phrase on google proceed to a keyword tool known as ubbersuggest and type ‘how to loose weight’.

Marketing research by Ubbersuggest

Note, this keyword tool fetches the information directly from google’s database and as you can see the phrase has quite a good number of monthly searches.

165k searches per month is a good number.Meaning therefore that when you start a blog concerning Health & Lifestyle you are more likely to thrive than a topic with few or illegible readers.

So get a topic that has a sizeable group of readers and start right from there.

(c) Who are my competitors

Now that I have talked about getting a blog topic with a sizeable number of readers, what about competition?

Logically, the more your blogging topic has a huge number of search volume the more competitive is that topic.

It doesn’t mean that when your blogging topic is on demand that your blogging career will automatically be successful and you will effortlessly get higher number of readers.

Actually that isn’t the case and if you were thinking of the same you are very mistaken.

However, there is a smarter way to curb this and it’s by narrowing your topic to a more specific sub topic.

If you haven’t noted it before, most google users are using precised phrases to filter out irrelevant content that they don’t need.

For example I might need a local and reliable email marketing tool.

By hovering to google I will not type this ‘email marketing tool’ to get contending information but rather I would opt for this ‘best email marketing tool in Kenya’.

If I had narrowed my topic and decided to focus on local products, the same searcher is likely to land on my blog.

To avoid struggles competing with authoritative sites at which you will only waste your time and funds, can you please start by narrowing your topic and grow from there.

Step #2: Scale your budget

Please don’t mention it to me that you haven’t thought of scaling a budget for your blog .
The budget here involves all the necessary funds that are needed to start and set up your blog.
It might be a tight one but it’s better of than having none.
I am pretty sure that some of you got attempted by free platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr, Wix and Of course, there’s no one who hates free options.
Even for myself I was once using one of these free platforms which is Blogger.
Nonetheless, as you understand the free options also come along with their numerous restrictions. Your freedom over the property is limited and you are obliged to follow the restrictions impacted by the owner.
This free platforms include
• Blogger from Google.
• Tumblr
• Wix
Let me show you the smarter side of it and I hope you are going to understand the reasons why I don’t recommend free platforms.
First of all they don’t let you own a custom domain. A ‘domain’ is your unique online address. E.g. my site’s domain is Whenever you are utilizing free platforms like Blogger, they add an extension so that everyone will know that you are using Blogger.
When I was using Blogger this was the appearance of my blog’s domain ‘
Looks unprofessional, right? The same will happen if I used or Tumblr. The domain will look like this …..
With this you are limited to owning your site fully and that is why they can’t allow you to have your own domain without those extensions.

To avoid this move away from these platforms and get a custom domain with appearance of your preference.
Secondly your traffic and conversion is limited. These free platforms have a high a reputation of being used by beginners who don’t invest in quality blog content but rather write unsearched content.
Most of your readers will not take you seriously with free platforms since they will assume that you are not experienced at what you are writing about.
If for example you have a blog powered by free platforms then you are trying to write about ‘web hosting companies’ you are trying to fake things. Reason being you don’t have adequate information about the web hosting companies since you own a blog hosted by free platforms. What I want to mean is that you can never write how a product is amazing yet you have never used it before.
For this case free platforms will limit you from getting serious readers who are likely to convert.
You can have very a informative piece of content but the free platforms can limit you from reaching out serious readers.
Thirdly your blogging income potential is limited. This companies restrict you from putting some ads and links that can generate you an income.
Instead they can place their own ads when they notice that your blog is receiving quite a sizeable amount of traffic at which you will not benefit from those ads.
It’s that disgusting.
Furthermore, some money making programs that can help you generate a good income only accepts blogs hosted by paid platforms not free platforms.
There will never be any client who will come to your blog and suggests to pay for an advertising space in your freely hosted blog since they understand that most of this platforms are used by beginners who don’t have any blogging experience.
To avoid this limitations and humiliations it’s wiser that you run way from this free platforms .
So what should you go for?
The paid platforms also known as self-hosted platforms. This platforms involves getting a custom domain with a TLD of your preference ( .com ,, .org, .net ) as well as purchasing hosting for your blog.
Whenever you use the self-hosted platforms here are the benefits you will be accustomed to.
• You will access over 3500 professional themes which are not available on free platforms. These themes enable you to create a great looking website.
• You will be eligible to using the best blogging softwares ( a.ka content management systems) all for free.
• You can access over 2500 plugins that will help you build a great and optimized blog.
• You’ll fully own your site. Meaning you are not under someone’s obligations.
Then how do get a self hosted blog and what is the total cost? This takes us to our next step.

Step #3: Register your domain and get hosting

To start a self hosted blog in Kenya there are few things to put into consideration. Your custom domain, the web hosting company and most importantly the blogging software.
A domain is your blog’s unique online address. The web hosting company is an organization with all the infrastructures required for a website to be online using special devices known as servers. The blogging software is very essential since you cannot start a blog without it. The software is free when you get a self hosted blog.
This all services are all availed by the web hosting companies.
There are huge numbers of companies offering the services and this can be confusing for a newbie on which company is right for his/her blog. Since our focus is to bring you everything on a silver platter, then we have no doubt recommending Bluehost.
Why Bluehost over other companies.
• It is among the hugest web hosting companies in the market with over 20 years of experience. This implies that they understand what it all needs for a successful blog.
• The popular CMS ( WordPress) highly recommends Bluehost for any kind of a website. This is because Bluehost understands deeply about WordPress.
• It’s cheaper with monthly hosting expense of $3.95.
• You will get a free domain even for the basic plans. Imagine getting relieved of domain registration expense?
• It is the most beginner’s friendly web hosting company with easily customized links to help you start building your blog.
• They have great servers to minimize any chance of your website going offline. They have over 15 data centers which will enhance a high speed website.
Although Bluehost is great company it can seem too expensive for small bloggers in Kenya.
In order to get a blog with Bluehost using the basic plan, they need you to purchase the annual hosting plan which costs a total of $70 . This translates to Ksh 7000.
However, my team and I analyzed over 75 factors that build a good web hosting company and we saw that the local web hosting companies also perform awesomely with amazing features included in their plans. Such features are free daily backups, free CDN, caching using the lite speed cache plugin and all plans are cloud-powered.
This features are available as extra expenses in big web hosting companies such as Bluehost, Siteground and HostGator.
The local web hosting companies are also incredibly cheap. Imagine getting your own blog with as low as ksh 1500 and out of it you can make ksh 150000 per month. Sounds great, right?
To make everything simplified for you, we further dug in our research in order to get better options for our readers.Here is a compiled list of our super four.
• Truehost Cloud; hosting goes as low as Ksh 1500 per year. I love them due to their lit customer support via live chat and a support ticket. They are the friendliest company I have come across. Hosting goes as low as ksh 1500/yr
• Kenya website Experts; They have been into the industry for over ten years. They are also an award winning company by KENIC. Hosting costs as low as ksh 2100/yr.
• Hostpinnacle; for all their plans they ascertain that you get what you need in just one pack. Hosting goes for as low as ksh 1500/yr. They also have a great support via phone, email and a live chat.
• Skyhost ; they make sure that the sky is the limit for the success of your online business. They give a friendly web hosting environment to grow your blog. Hosting starts at ksh 2100/yr

After all our favorite company that we have no doubt recommending is Hostpinnacle. They have the friendliest support both technical and non technical.
The reason why we were decided to recommend Hostpinnacle is that we ran some several tests at that proved their potential.
First we understand that you might need a great website loading at a very high speed.

We therefore ran a speed test using GTmetrix, Pingdom and Load Impact.It was a three-phase trial.

Phase one, we hosted our blog with Hostpinnacle and then installed a very light theme. We uploaded some of our contents and there after gauged using GTmetrix and Pingdom.

These were our results from GTmetrix…

Speed test

…and this from Pingdom.

Speed test using Pigdom
Phase Two, we installed a more heavier theme and this time we used X-Store theme.

This’s what we got from GTmetrix

Speed test using X-Store

As you can see, the results were lit considering that we never implemented any speed mechanisms.

Phase Three, here we used load impact tool to see how responsive the Hostpinnacle servers are. So, we sent a 100 virtual traffic to our blog and monitored the results.

Load Impact

As you can see the results are still awesome.

The other critical thing to consider before selecting a web hosting company of your choice is the support.

Hostpinnacle offers support to their customers using a live chat ,phone and support ticket.

To see how responsive and professional is their support team I just popped into their live chat widget.

Hostpinnacle live chat

Still, the results were fair enough and as per those tests, choosing Hostpinnacle is a great decision.

How to get started with Hostpinnacle.


The reason why I have been recommending hostpinnacle is because their ideal plans.
First they are cheap with hosting and domain registration costing as low as ksh 1500 per year actually with no any hidden charges
Infact they provide lifetime free domain registration for .co .ke in all their plans. Also when you purchase even the basic plan you can install limitless sites.

They utilize the litespeed webserver technology to enhance a high speed websites for all their plans.
To get your blog online using Hostpinnacle, visit their official website at

The plan to choose will vary with your budget but the best for you to get everything cared for is the standard plan.

Hostpinnacle plans
After this move on and register your domain with the extension of your preference e.g .com, ,org ,net.


However before you choose your domain make sure that it’s a simple name that is easier to get remembered and actually a short name. A

Avoid a number in your domain name.

It’s worthwhile to also note that the better TLD for your blog are .com .org or since they are the common options which can easily be remembered.
So pick your name and check whether it’s available.

If it’s available click on continue and cross-check the summary of your order.Please don’t add any extra,it will raise the price of your plan.

This extras have no any great advantage. Just check to make sure that the total cost of your order is Ksh 3500.

Proceed and enter the billing information and choose the methods of payments. Mpesa is the easiest way .

Make your payment as per the instructions given in the email sent to you.

Once done verify your payment and when it’s all successful you will receive another email carrying along the cpanel credentials.

Congrats! You have successfully purchased a web hosting space and registered your domain. What you’ve remained is now building your website.
So let’s start building your blog.

Step #4 : Build  Your Site  Using WordPress

WordPress is th most popular Content Management System (CMS) used to build websites and blogs. The site building software has the relevant tools that allow you to  create web content in a simpler way.

Previously I had mentioned about the free platforms which included   However, I need you to note that there is a greater difference between and WordPress ( also know as is a site-building tool or the CMS that is used for self-hosted platforms meaning you need a web hosting space to access it.

WordPress isn’t the only CMS but its simplicity makes it the best choice for website builders. Here are other CMS in the market.

  • Joomla.
  • Drupal
  • Magneto
  • Woocommerce
  • Shopify
  • Bigcommerce

Let see why WordPress is a greater choice over the other CMS available in the market.

  • Its user proficiency is simple. This makes it the decent tool for beginners. You don’t need any coding skills to start using WordPress. The learning curve is a simple deal.
  • Popularity. Most websites utilize WordPress as their main site building tool. WordPress is a quality CMS that is leading in the current market.
  • It has over 3500 free themes available for any kind of website.
  • The most SEO friendly CMS.
  • Presence of over 2500 plugins that help you effectively customize your site, run it and manage it.


Install WordPress from Truehost cpanel

Truehost do not have quick links to install WordPress. You can only install WordPress from their cpanel. When you are done with purchasing their hosting plans and registering your domain, they will send you the cpanel credentials via an email.

This includes your default password and username.

To login just type this into your browser address . Replace ‘yourdomain’ with your newly registered domain. For example when I want to login to cpanel I will type this , ‘’.

How to start a blog in Kenya: Definitive Guide 2 How to start a blog in Kenya: Definitive Guide •

You are then required to enter the default password and username sent to you by Truehost. Proceed by scrolling down to the the softaculous app installer and then click on WordPress icon.

How to start a blog in Kenya: Definitive Guide 3 How to start a blog in Kenya: Definitive Guide •

Go on and select your default theme which you will change later. Click on the install button and then fill in the form revealed.

This includes your site name, description, username ( don’t choose admin get a more secured name which is hard to guess). Enter your admin email and password. After this continue by clicking on the install button again and you will see something like this.

How to start a blog in Kenya: Definitive Guide 4 How to start a blog in Kenya: Definitive Guide •

It’s advisable that you don’t leave the page before the installation completes. When it’s all successful you will receive a success message informing you that the installation was completed.

Select your theme

A theme is a modified architectural layout for your websites. 

Once you’ve installed WordPress as your blogging software you need to customize and design your blog using a theme.

WordPress offers free themes that are easily customizable to enable you to create a professional blog.

Nevertheless, while you are choosing your theme, not all are suitable and SEO friendly. Therefore we have picked up a better selection of elegant themes that are lightweight and SEO friendly.

  • GeneratePress
  • Astra
  • Neve
  • Hestia
  • OceanWP
  • Customify
  • Zakra
  • Futurio
  • Zerif lite
  • Customizr.
  • Huenman.

There are those ambitious bloggers who want to do everything their ways and are all after self freedom.

Since the free themes do not give you all customization options then you would think of getting a premium one.

It’s not a must anyway, you can opt to get your own as you blog grows from amazing website like studiopress.

The studiopress themes well coded, ultra fast, mobile friendly and also built with Genesis framework.

Get 30% off the studiopress themes

Studiopress themes

To install a theme on your website log in to your WordPress site dashboard using this format. wp-admin. Replace your site with your registered domain.

WP login

Hover over to the ‘appearance tab’ then ‘themes’ and click on ‘add new’.

Theme installation

Search your theme in your search tab. After identifying it click the theme to continue then live preview and finally activate it.

Go on by clicking on customize button and make the changes that you want, such as uploading your site logo ,adding widgets among other things.


After you are done you can click on the publish button to officially save the changes.

Install relevant plugins

Plugins are like small softwares that help you add some advanced features and improve performance.

To install your plugin move on to your WordPress dashboard, click on plugins then ‘add new’

Search for your plugin and click on install then activate.


Here are the first hand plugins that you should think of installing first.

  • Yoast plugin- used to help you build optimized web content. 
  • Jetpack – site security and backups.
  • Akismet – moderate spam comments.
  • WP rocket – improve speeds by compressing images and codes of HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Submit your URL to webmasters tools.

SEO can be a scary foreigner for a new blogger who has no idea of what it entails. But, that shouldn’t worry for WordPress has eased everything for you.

For this case there is a smart plugin known as Yoast SEO that enables you to create optimized web content. From Yoast SEO you will get over 150 keyword suggestions directly from Google.

To enjoy this benefits you need to verify your website in Google search console.

After you have installed Yoast SEO move on to the webmasters tool and click on Google search console.


Use your Google account to sign in and once done click on the ‘alternate methods’ tab and select on ‘HTML Tag’.


You will come across a string of an alphanumerical tag.

Copy the code and paste it on the Google search console text box .

GSC code

Save your changes and afterwards verify the changes .

Verify GSC

This SEO plugin will help you to optimize your blog content.

Step #5: Write Your first piece of content & optimize it

WordPress is an amazing content management system design with an editorial feature similar that if your PC. This editor is commonly known as the block editor.

To add your first post hover on your dashboard and look for ‘posts’ then click on ‘add new’.

Write Your first post

Write your content and utilize the editorial features such as headings , italics, bold, etc. You can click on ‘save draft’ to save your work or ‘publish’ button to make your post content live.

Writing a blog post is not all about typing, ‘save draft’ and then ‘publish’. If it were…😄

This is how to do it.

What are my readers looking for

Whenever you ate writing any blog content the major purpose of it is to help your readers get some reasonable solutions. You giving suggestions that will help them solve their issues because it apparently worked for you.

That is not the only thing, you might be blogging to market your own business products, but is the product relevant to your readers? How useful is the product to your readers and will it make them desire to acquire it?

Back to our ’email marketing softwares’ example. Definitely your content is focused to readers who are in need of a marketing software or else are already utilizing one. Whatever you are writing should have a correlation to what your readers need.

Be a writer who is data -driven and is focused to write quality blog content that is answering the questions that your audience need answers. If it means spending a whole month researching and crafting great content, the better.

Research your Keywords

Unless you don’t need an ever green source of traffic you would go ahead and assume this.

The reason why I am insisting on this too is because most if researches are done on Google not social media, not Twitter .

Google is the leading search engine out there and whenever you are writing content you would like it to rank on the first page of Google which is not as simple as you think.

Of course you would like every searcher to land on your website and grab his part.

To achieve this you need to perform a thorough research on your keywords that you want your content to rank for.

Generally, a keyword is a phrase used to look for information on search engines on Google.

Using our example I might need to look for any information about email marketing softwares. Then I would proceed to Google and type this keyword ’email marketing softwares’.

There those keywords which have high search volumes which means many people are looking for it on Google and the more people looking for it the higher the competition.

To perform a definite research for your keywords there are both free and premium tools to ease your work. Since you are still new to blogging then I would advise you to take up the free tools. Here is a list of the best tools.

  • Google Keywords planner.
  • Ubbersuggest.
  • Soove
  • Wordstream.
  • Ahrefs free keyword tool.

Craft Optimized URLs

A URL is a link that is used to locate a web page , web post , an image, video or even a widget.It is inform of https:// your your post name.

The ‘https’ defines the protocol that your website is using.

To make sure that your blog posts or web pages are optimized try to shorten the as possible as you can . Even Google hates very long URLs.

Begin by updating your Permalinks setting. At a default  WordPress sets your Permalinks according to the date that your blog post was published. To fix this go to your website’s dashboard and hover over to the settings area.

Click on Permalinks and set it to ‘post name’.

Update Permalinks

Don’t forget to save your changes.

Step #6 :Promote Your Blog

Blog promotion is a vital step that also determines your blog’s online success. At any cost, you need traffic/readers who will later convert by purchasing your promotional products. Even if you aren’t doing blogging for business purposes you have to get people to read your blog.

  • Here are my ultimate ways to which you can promote a brand new blog.

Since I focus on providing all information in one pack let’s check out the basics of blog marketing methods.

(a) Begin by writing compelling content 

Quality blog content is mandatory for any new blogger who is willing to achieve success for his blog. Before you lay your fingers over the keyboard, just ask yourself one simple and equally important question, ” why should anyone bother reading my blog?”.

Consider yourself as an authoritative presentative who is trusted by millions of students that want to learn a certain topic. You would do everything to make sure that your students grasp all the relevant information that you want to pass to them.

Nonetheless here it is a way to make your content compelling.

  • Answer your audience questions. Write a great content-rich in answers that your readers need at a grasp. Illustrate to them the reason for your answers.
  • Write original content- make sure that you don’t write plagiarized information. Google also penalized copied information making your site hard to rank.
  • Use media and infographics. Make your content more appealing by using relevant and illustrative media content such as videos and images.
  • Use captivating titles. Attract your readers by crafting out a conspicuous title for each of your blog posts.

(b) Promote it on social media

Social media is experiencing vast growths whereby numerous people are spending out their time out there.  Considering this social media can be a great choice for blog promotion.

Here is how to make your social media marketing successful.

  • Craft a great profile. Use authoritative profiles in your social media accounts.
  • Run Facebook ads – pay for Facebook ads to enable your blog to reach more audiences.
  • Join your niche related groups.
  • Build attractive posts that share your post links.
  • Start a Facebook business page.
  • Participate in your niche related discussions.
  • Build an audience from your followers.

(c) Collect an email list and promote your content.

Email marketing has still survived from sheers of frequent modernization. Technology has widely grown but the use of emails to market business brands is still solid.

Therefore, utilizing emails to promote your brand new blog is a meritorious step. This is how to market your blog content using email marketing.

  • Install an email marketing plugin or (software). For this case I really recommend Convertkit.
  • Build a subscription form template and place it on your blog, mostly on the footer region or the sidebar.
  • Encourage readers to subscribe to your blog using the pop-up forms. Promise them to get free ebooks and ultimate guides. Use optinmonster plugin.
  • Send them to share-worthy content that provides information that they may like.
  • Minimize the number of emails you send per day.
  • Send emails on specific days such as Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

(d) SEO and SEM

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEM stands for search engine marketing.

SEO involves all the activities involved to increase the chances of appearing in the search engine results page (SERP). When you optimize your blog for search engines you will gain traffic from people looking for certain information related to your content that you have written.

SEM involves Advertising on search engines such a Google for certain keywords.

This is how to do SEO and SEM for better organic traffic.

  • Write great content posts.
  • Improve your site loading speed.
  • Use appropriate keywords.
  • Craft great metadata.
  • Avoid broken links
  • Use a responsive theme.
  • Get backlinks.

Step #7 :Make Money

This now become the most interesting part of blogging and everyone admires to see his/her blog attain online success. Most of bloggers like us wholly depend on blogging to drive their livelihood. Others do it for fun while others do it as their side hustles.

But how do you make money from your blog. Let’s check out.

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is the common way to which bloggers make money blogging.  Well, I don’t know if you have come across this terms but since we focus on simplifying everything for you I want to elaborate it for you in an easier way.

The concept behind this money making program is simple ‘refer a friend to refer a friend’. It was for this reason that it was also coined as referral marketing.

When you meet an amazing product and you would like your clients to have it’s taste, then you will refer  them via your affiliate links or banners. Therefore, affiliate marketing can be elaborate as the type of marketing where  you recommend a certain buyer to purchase a product of a certain company via your link.

There are several affiliate networks that you can join inorder  to find your niche related company. Here are the most common.

  • CJ Affiliate
  • Sharesales
  • Impact

If you looking   for a guide  on what affiliate marketing entails, I recommend you to read it here.

The guide will help skyrocket your affiliate sales .

2. Advertising

Adverts are also a way of making money blogging in Kenya . Bloggers can publish ads in  their websites of the company of   their preference. These may appear as popups mostly floating at the footer the header, banners simultaneously placed at the content and sidebars.

This ads are evaluated as CPC ( cost per click) or CPM ( cost per 1000 impressions .

However, I don’t regard ads alone can be a good source of income for especially for beginners. Reason being, you need a huge traffic to make a sensible income.

For example, let’s say your ad is valuated at $0.08 per unique click. For you to reach $80 which is slightly above the threshold payments disbursement, you need 1000 unique clicks.

What if the clicks were affiliate clicks on Bluehost affiliate. You are likely to get 2% conversion. Meaning about 20 people are likely to make a purchase. Bluehost pays $65 for every sale made, probably you are accustomed to making $1300.

I don’t mean to discourage you from using the ads to making a revenue, but I want show you the logical part of it.

I hope you can now see the reason, however a good combination of affiliate marketing and ads can help you hyperloop your blogging income.The following are among the advertisement agencies used by bloggers.

  • Google AdSense- They are the most trusted agencies  used by most bloggers. They are the most friendliest for beginners. AdSense pays it’s publishers 68% of the ad value and itself takes 32% . However, you need to strictly adhere to their rules to have a smooth way along.
  • Infolinks.
3.Online Course

In today’s world of modernization, people are utilizing the internet to accomplish their day to day’s activities. Among then is taking online courses . At a showcase, online courses are a fine tune to make money online via blogging.

They actually don’t compromise your blogging activities.

You can set up your online courses by utilizing tools like Converkit which is an email marketing tool and the learnpress plugin. Converkit is pretty amazing with amazing delivery speeds and email tracking. You use it to send the PDFs and video tutorials to your subscribers.

Do online courses convert? Is it an  effective way to make reasonable blogging income? Absolutely! However, to generate a good income from it or else to become successful you need to build a reputation for your eLearning hub.

4.Selling of Digital products

The world is experiencing a rapid growth in technology necessitating digitalization of business brands to help increase the marketing statistics. This initiative really favours the the bloggers and they can assimilate the opportunity to create their blogging income.

If you haven’t thought of this before while blogging then you are missing a golden opportunity in your blogging business. Digital products are in form of ebooks, themes  plugins or  marketing tool such as SemRush.

You can also exploit this opportunity to sell your services and skills such the digital marketing skills, web design skills among others.

5. As a consultant

If you are a pro in your niche some companies both large and small can pay you for just your advice. Maybe, your blog is ideal at mobilizing readers, a company can come and ask you to help them grow their blog’s traffic.

I have known some of successful bloggers whose huge income is highly contributed by consultation.It shouldn’t mean that it’s that simple but at least your success should be remarkable.

6. Get paid try and review a product.

As an expert and as a brand trusted by so many clients some companies can come to you and ask you to try their products and get paid. Whenever you feel that the product is great, you would write a review about that product to encourage clients purchase that product.


Blogging business is a great career that you can make a substantial income only when done the right and smarter way.Although it’s a good way to make money, I have to reveal it to you that it requires patience to make a reasonable income. If not so…

Hopefully, that you have gotten all information about blogging I would advise advise to continuing reading our blog for more tips.

Are you ready to start a blog in Kenya that converts? Get started with Truehost here  with as low as ksh 1500. And if already have one, what is your experience. Please share it at the comments section . Any enquiry, you can also share it at the comments section. I personally respond to all of them.

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