Global Internet Fortunes: Is it Legit or A Scam

Global Internet Fortunes: Is it Legit or A Scam 1 Global Internet Fortunes: Is it Legit or A Scam •

Are you wondering whether you should join Global Internet Fortunes. Are you also enquiring if it’s a legit company. Perfect! This article is for you. We are going to unveil all about Global Internet Fortunes.

The rapid growth of online platforms claiming to offer money making programs in Kenya is very alarming. Most internet users are in the risk of being scammed  while others have already been defrauded. Later on it becomes very tough to convince a Kenyan who had been conned to invest on online opportunities.

Global Internet Fortunes is among the online ventures contending to offer unemployment remedies among the youths who are ready to work online.

Before we wrote this review we would like to  inform you that we only share the information that we have tried and found credit to our readers.

Our blog specifically focus on conveying transparent content that we have given a trial . Meaning that we heavily invest on reviews to ascertain that our readers get answers to their questions.

In our Global Internet Fortunes review, we invested our time, effort and funds in order to comprehend how their platform works, if it’s a legit company as well as the services that they offer.

Global Internet Fortunes commonly dubbed as GIF is so common on social media like Facebook. If you haven’t met them this is how it appears when one of your friends on Facebook makes a post in his timeline .

Global Internet Fortunes: Is it Legit or A Scam 2 Global Internet Fortunes: Is it Legit or A Scam •

Or even you when you meet a status on WhatsApp with such a snapshot. Now at least you have a notion of whom I am talking about.  

Well, gratitude to the internet and more credits to Global Internet Fortunes for making an online business successful. From global internet fortunes, you don’t require a degree either. As long as you can read, write, interpret and convince then you will be ready to skyrocket your capability.

It might seem outrageous when I tell you that I make money even while am still asleep, right? Then you will be asking yourself; ‘is this guy still dreaming’ or  ‘is he insane?’ Absolutely, it’s possible.

Only when you are ready to work harder and strategically. When you follow my steps you will be ready to soar your online business to greater heights of success.

Before we venture into our main agenda let’s first know all about Global Internet Fortunes

What is  Global Internet Fortunes?

The company is a former rebrand of Socialbizconnect. It was founded by Kimathi Kamunde to help solve the unemployment predicaments in Kenya.

With a great growth of the internet worldwide, then, an online opportunity was a fantastic choice.

The company is a domain registra and a web hosting company in Kenya. On the year 2019 they were awarded as best domain registra in Kenya by KENIC

What do we mean by a web hosting company? There are companies that provide all the technological services for a website to be online and running 24/7. It’s like when you have a business and rent a space where you will run  be running it.

Global Internet Fortunes also markets its products via digital platforms such as social media and blogs using the MLM structure. This makes it be called a network/online marketing company.

Is Global Internet Fortunes a scam?

GIF is a legit company registered under the company’s Act. It is also accredited by the KENIC and Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK).

Global Internet fortunes is a legit company

They have three main physical offices from Nairobi, Nakuru, and Eldoret. If you are near these cities, you can freely enquire about their services.

GIF Services

  • Domain registration
  • Email marketing tools
  • Web hosting. Commonly known as gifwebhosting.
  • Online training.
  • Online Marketing
  • Affiliate programs.

How Global Internet Fortunes works.

Of course, everyone needs money. However, the legit way to make money from the internet is always a great challenge with how scams have become so rampant making it harder to differentiate a legit opportunity from a scam.

Through the GIF training services, they are passionate to help you differentiate a legit online opportunity from scams. .With all the tactics they offer I can guarantee you that GIF is a way off from the ground.

No scams! No fraudulence! To keep everything brief let’s see how you can make money from global internet fortunes.

1. Online Marketing

You might have heard of this before and if not you have come across the term ‘digital marketing’.

According to, digital marketing/online marketing simply refers to any marketing strategy of getting the company’s name out of the public via the Internet outreach.

This can be done through digital platforms such as social media, blogs or forums. Global Internet Fortunes is an exemplary choice whenever it comes to online marketing.

Do you have a blog? Are you a social media addict with thousands of followers? It’s high time for you to grab this hot cake and convert your audience into good money.

2. Affiliate marketing.

This is always prevalent for any web hosting company. The criteria used here is simple. “Tell a friend to tell a friend”.

How did you find the services of a certain company? If the services were pretty cool you would recommend a friend to use them too. For example, if I own a garage and serve my customers very well, they will certainly tell their friends about my garage and services.

The same case here. You are getting paid to refer customers to use GIF services. It’s quite effortless. That is why GIF is so conscious of the way they handle their customers. Their services are top-notched.

They will shape you with all the online marketing skills. They will give you a close mentor who will always be there for you. In fact, their requirements are insanely simple. A gadget that will access you to internet. It might be a smartphone, a laptop or even a tablet.

3. Getting a Stunning Blog from Global Internet Fortunes

A blog is an online journal or a website with updated posts arranged in reverse chronological order.

Like this you are reading is a blog. For you to start a blog you need to register a domain ( your unique online address) and then get a hosting where you will be storing files of your website.

The web hosting companies also make sure that your website is online 24/7 using special computers known as servers. You can learn more about how to start a blog in Kenya.

Global internet fortunes offer web hosting services with all the capabilities and features needed to get you started. After this, they set up your website for free. They will guide you on how to be successful in blogging. You can visit their website here.

How to Join global internet fortunes and make money

What you need is to visit their official website. and click on the join button in order to create an account with them. You will get to a page asking you to enter your inviter’s username or email.

To keep everything smooth and composed use this as your inviter’s username Khasim254. You will get a bonus of $7 thereafter. The details of your inviter will disclose when you click on the continue button as shown.

Creating GIF account

Go ahead by continuing to register. From there you will be needed to fill in the registration form. It will take you just a minute or two to get it done.

Once done you will receive a confirmation email. Confirm by clicking on the link sent to you. After this, you need to login to your dashboard to complete the process.

Use your email that you priory registered with GIF and the password to login to your dashboard. This is what you will come across.

How to create account with global internet fortunes

For you to start making money with GIF you need to subscribe to their services. It costs $55 which equates to Ksh 5500. The next step you need to take is moving over to the deposit funds to your GIF wallet. In this step, we use IPAY money processors.

Follow these steps to deposit money into your GIF wallet using IPAY.

Before we proceed kindly note that for this process to be successful you need to be first logged into your GIF account. Another thing is that you need to keep the IPAY page active until the payment is complete. Well just follow the following process to move on.

  • Login to your GIF account and then click on deposit funds

GIF wallet

Then enter the amount as 55 without the special character of $ sign. Like this. Then click on deposit funds.Depositing money to GIF wallet

  • On the payment gateways bar select IPAY.
  • Click on the green button labeled pay & continue
  • Confirm your mpesa number if it’s the one you want to use. If you want to change click on the displayed number and then enter your new number. It should be in the form of 07**** and not +254****.
  • Well if you don’t wish to change the number just proceed to pay now
  • After this mpesa will send you an automated SMS to enter your mpesa pin. If you never got the automated SMS, just click on “I did not get a prompt on my phone”. Then follow payment procedures that they will give you.
  • After the payment is successful you will receive a message from mpesa. Proceed by clicking on the complete button.
  • If you followed the steps correctly, then your funds were successfully deposited into your GIF wallet.
  • Just confirm by checking whether the amount reflects in your account.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully deposited your funds into your account. Well, what you have remaining is to get your subscription package and upgrade your account.

Follow these steps to upgrade your GIF Account.

After confirming you’ve deposited the $55 on your account;

  • Scroll up and click on MENU on your left-hand side then select buy hosting.
  • Click on the order now.
  • Choose your domain i.e your name, then click the small box on your right and select co.keRegistering a domain with global internet fortunes
  • Click on the blue button below to check if the domain you’ve chosen is available.
  • If the domain is available, click on the blue button to continue if it’s not available, search again.
  • Click the green button below written check out.
  • Then click the blue button written complete the order
  • You’ll receive your order number which will also be sent to your e-mail.
  • Click to continue to the client area.
  • Click on the menu then dashboard, then click on your profile and confirm your account status reads active.

? congratulations! You’ve successfully activated your Global Internet Fortunes account.

If you are facing any issue just give us a hot call via this number +254 799 801727.

Ready to go massive and earn immensely. Let us now guide you.

How to make money from Global Internet Fortunes ( compensation plan)

This now lies to be the most interesting part of any business. Making money.GIF is so kind to its awesome compensation plans when you refer a customer to them. There are three major ways on which you get compensated by GIF.

1.Direct referral bonus.

When you get customers and refer them to purchase the GIF services you will earn $20 per successful referral. Note you will only make money when the customer you have referred paid the subscription fee of $55.This can be awesome though. If you just get 10 customers within a month you would have made a total of $200.

2. Matching Bonus

This is basically a commission you earn when your sub-affiliates make a referral up to level seven. It pays $5. Take for example John refers to Lucy, and then Lucy referred Mark, definitely, John will earn $5. If Mark refers Agnes John still earns $5. This goes on up to the seventh person.

Doing simple calculations here if within your 10 referrals they manage all to get their 10 referrals too within a month, then you are entitled to making a commission of $5 from each. In simple terms, they will have referred to 100 people.

From this, you will make a commission of $5 from each. So in total, you will make $500 just from your indirect referrals.

3.Account Renewals Bonus.

Just like any subscription GIF services are also renewed monthly. The cost of renewal is $15 (Ksh 1500).

Well GIF compensates you whenever any of the members in your team make a renewal. This amounts to $1 up to level seven.

If your 10 referrals and their Sub affiliates make a renewal of their account then you will be earning this. ($1×10 ) + ($1 ×100) = $110.Finally, the amount you will be making during the month will be as follows.Direct bonus + matching bonus+ renewal bonus .$200 +$500+ $110= $810This actually translates to Ksh 81000.

Where the hell in Kenya can you get such a paying job. It isn’t awesome. Surely GIF is a “money-making hub”.

Commissions are released every week on Friday. You don’t have to wait at the end of the month to get your commission like most affiliates platforms.

Global Internet Fortunes Testimonials

You are wondering whether this stuff really works. Yeah! It actually works. Look at my weekly income publications.

How to earn from Global Internet Fortunes

Remember am barely two years in the business. I am making over Ksh 10000 weekly. What about you. Do think it can work for you too.

Global Internet Fortunes is an Award-winning company

Global Internet Fortunes awards

Global Internet fortunes won the new registrar of the year 2017 from Kenic and they have continued setting up the trend on the same up to date.
Global Internet Fortunes has also won the Best Customer Retention award from Kenic and has continued setting the trend thereafter.

Global internet fortunes, recognition

We have already 40,000 Kenyans who are working online and earning (Kshs.50,000) $500 per month while Half of the American workforce, about 55 million work online.

With 28,000,000 Kenyan who has access to the internet, it makes online work to be the next source of prosperity.

I am ready to coach you and mentor you on how to do the business and get the results. I believe in you. Believe in yourself enough to get started.

Global Internet fortunes car achievers.

Evans. GIF car achiever

EVANS is a 24 Year Old Who have been working online with GIF for the past 3 Years. He is awaiting to Graduate from the Technical University of Kenya this Evans was Introduced to Global Internet fortunes while he was on the 2nd Year.

He started the business in 2014 Part-time while he was studying Computer Science. Now as he graduates, He is Earning over Ksh 300,000 Monthly Online Courtesy of GIF.

While other students were in the hostels playing games, sleeping around, watching Movies while wasting their money Gambling, Evans was busy building his Network with GIF.

Today he has thousands of Agents in his network hence he is Earning a Residual Income Daily.

When it comes to making money while still on campus, Evans Mute is among them. He had big dreams and so did he chase them. He has inspired a lot of people to join online marketing via GIF.

Global Internet Fortunes: Is it Legit or A Scam 3 Global Internet Fortunes: Is it Legit or A Scam •

Most of us think that big courses owe big jobs. Here is Mr. Arandi an engineer by profession. Mr. Arandi has been working with Global internet fortunes for 4 years now.

He bought his First brand New Subaru Impreza worth Millions in Cash courtesy of Global internet fortunes.

Global Internet Fortunes: Is it Legit or A Scam 4 Global Internet Fortunes: Is it Legit or A Scam •

Others even quit their low paying jobs for greener pastures.

Camila’s was selling Insurance before he was introduced to Global internet fortunes by a friend on Facebook. Now he makes over Ksh 300,000 monthly. He just bought his First car worth 1.4Million

Well, so inspiring. Would he have achieved that while still in his job? Mmmh…self freedom is ready necessary.

GIF testimonials

Anthony Kanogo a University of Nairobi student, currently in his third year of study pursuing BACHELOR OF ECONOMICS Having been in GIF for 15 MONTHS, now owning a big machine His Volkswagen Golf worth millions.

Other Testimonials

GIF testimonials

Karanja Francis has been working online for the past 3years making ksh 50,000 in two weeks by just working online.

The testimonials are so many and totaling then all will take us a lot of time. As you have seen, for myself I make a weekly income of Ksh 10000 and yet I am a student.

What I believe is that you need to drop your ego to make a successful business. Don’t listen to your friends, you can’t convert their inane ideas into money! Never at all!

Do you think we can keep in touch as I show you how to make 10k a week? Drop your comment below or else whatsup me via +254 799 801727. From there we pick our pieces as we proceed to make our life successful. Cheers!

If my article was inspiring to make an effort of sharing it. You can also leave a comment move as you along.

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