How To Earn $65 From HostGator Affiliate Program In Kenya

How To Earn $65 From HostGator Affiliate Program In Kenya 1 How To Earn $65 From HostGator Affiliate Program In Kenya •

This is among the common questions that I am always recieving from my trainees. How do I earn from blogging. Meanwhile, I am going to introduce you on how to earn from HostGator Affiliate program in Kenya.

 From this you can make $900 a month from HostGator. Whoa easy, easy! Wait does this translates to Ksh 90000. Where in Kenya can I get such earnings monthly yet they are my side hustles. Amazing, right?


What is HostGator?

This is among the the oldest and surviving web hosting company in the world.HostGator has a reputation of their high quality hosting plans at an ideal costless prices. Their services are top notched.

The company has an Affiliate program available in impact radius .hosting companies, HostGator affiliates has proven it’s reliability as among the most rewarding and effective Programs under web hosting niche.

The reason as to why most bloggers love HostGator Affiliates program is that they are generous and effective. You also don’t need a hosting account with them to be eligible for their program.

HostGator Affiliates is among the most recommended platform that pays it’s affiliates favourably. When a customer purchase a hosting plan via your affiliate link you earn a commission. The best thing about this Affiliates Program is that it’s completely free to join.

What you need is to have a blog with a reasonable amount of traffic to join their program. Your application is approved manually and once accepted you are sent an email to inform you that your application is approved.


How to earn from Hostgator affiliates program in Kenya 

The program is available in HostGator and in Impact website also. However you can click here to join

You will follow the steps that they will take you through, fill in the details required and once done they will send you an email to inform you that the application has been successful submitted. 

The application is approved manually in three to four business  days. After this they will send you an email to tell you if the application is approved. 

You are given some details to login into your affiliate dashboard where you get accessed to a number of banners, links and coupon codes to give to your customers. 

 how to earn HostGator Affiliates in Kenya

Being the most effective and the among the highly paying  affiliate program HostGator pays according to the number of sales made that month.


If you make one sale to five within a  month you are paid  $65 for each sale. So in total the amount you will make on that month equals to $325 which translates to Ksh 32500. And if you make six to ten sales you get $75 per sale. When you also make eleven to twenty you are paid $100 per sale. What if you make over twenty sale within the month you will earn over $125 in that month for each sale. 

How you earn from HostGator

How your earnings are computed


After making a sale the company pays you after forty five days, don’t wonder why this is because it’s a high risker with it’s thirty days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it’s plans. To avoid paying you and getting losses yet the customer you’ve referred just asked for the money back. 

After making your sales you are here wondering on how to get paid for your hard – earned money. Payments are available via Paypal, and ACH international transfer directly into your bank .

How to get paid by HostGator


Do you need a hosting account with HostGator to start earning?

Definitely no. You only need to sign up to it’s Affiliate Program which is available in Impact Radius or in their website. You can also join here.


It’s A good program

The secrets to any successful payment by any company is just keeping the rules. How do you expect to be mishandled yet you haven’t broken the rules, very rare.


This program has been recommended by most successful bloggers all over the world. Harsh has confessed that he hasn’t faced any problem with their earning platform so far. Like I do, ?.

This now remains to be your choice to join the Hostgator Affiliates and start making a handsome income from them. This is a program recommended by most sucessful bloggers. So get up and start making money now . Time is running out!

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