Deals & Discounts

My team and I are determined to avail everything to our readers on a silver platter and that is why we have contacted the respective companies to give a discount to our readers for all their purchases that they made via our links. Here are a list of companies that we recommend and we think they are valuable to our readers.

Web hosting Companies.

We have both local and international companies that we recommend. We have reviewed each company to ensure that our clients don’t regret having purchased them.

International web hosting companies.

This is a list of companies and their recommendations.

1. Bluehost

World’s popular web hosting company. The recommended company by WordPress CMS. Suited for all kinds of blogs and websites.

2. Cloudways

The very best choice for affordable managed hosting in the market using a number of cloud platforms such as Digital Ocean, Google Cloud and Vultr.


3.WP Engine

The best managed WordPress hosting provider. The proud owners of well-coded premium Studiopress themes at which they provide all for free in their plans.

3. Kinsta

WP Engine best alternative. Websites hosted by kinsta load at a lightening speed.

Web Hosting in Kenya.

1. Truehost Cloud

Among the best web hosting companies in Kenya offering cloud services and vps plans.

2.Kenya Websites Experts

The award winning 🏅 web hosting company by Kenic and the top domain registra in Kenya


Our favorite web hosting companies with every service top-notch.


Building a website is simplified with everything taken care of.

Email marketing Provider


Basically it’s what we utilize in all our email marketing compaigns.

Seo Tools.


The best keyword tool in the market. It helps you generate new keywords ideas, analyze your competitor,Build quality backlinks , etc….