Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya ( 2020 update)

Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya ( 2020 update) 1 Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya ( 2020 update) •

My team and I analyzed over 75 factors that helped us compile a list of the 5 best web hosting companies in Kenya.

We scheduled experimental projects as well as collected reviews from users who were using the companies’ plans and those also currently  using them.

Definitely, whenever you are searching out the best company to host your blog or website you are always hopeful to meet the best.

Unfortunately the huge numbers of the corporations offering the web hosting solutions out there is scary and getting a company giving you a better environment for your blog can as well be confusing.

Of course, you would wish to get a company where affordability is a concern, fast servers and qualified support team are also considered .

How would you feel to get a company which is compromising your website’s speed despite you efforts to optimize it? Or else a company with a poor support team?

It’s disgusting, right? To avoid yourself getting into such situations we devoted our time, efforts and even funds to compile this list just for you and to avoid mixing you up we only enlisted the best five companies plus a bonus of 2 .

If you are unaware of what web hosting companies are, they are organizations that offer all the infrastructures to make sure that your website is online 24/7 using special devices known as the servers.
Whenever you want to start a blog or a website by purchasing a domain and hosting space your web files are stored in that server.

If a user wants to view your site, his device’s browser sends special signals known as the HTTP requests to the server where your blog is hosted.

The server afterwards respond by rendering the web pages on the screen of the user’s device.The web hosting companies in Kenya offer a variety of hosting plans.

  • Shared Hosting– this is a type of hosting where a number of websites are hosted in one single server. They share the resources allocated to them. It’s the cheapest hosting services out there. 
  • VPS– this happens when the primary server is partitioned into smaller servers that are nourished with more advanced configuration. This type of hosting is suited for growing sites that are experiencing rapid growths of traffic. 
  • Dedicated– here your site is allocated the whole server.
  •  Cloud hosting– it’s a type of hosting whereby your website is hosted in a number of servers. Incase one of the servers fails the other chips in to avoid any chance of your website going offline.
  •  Managed hosting – well, I haven’t seen any company providing this type of hosting. For this reason I am going to cover it as a bonus tip.

 1. Truehost Cloud

Truehost website

They emerge as the top in our list of the best web hosting companies in Kenya.

When customer’s support is a concern then truehost does it’s way to remain at the top. They have the  friendliest  support team that i have come across.

Their support is via a live chat, an email and phone. Whenever I have an issue with my website they quickly respond and fix it as soon as possible. After getting started with them they just don’t stop supporting you, they even help you build your website.

Until then I have been using Truehost plans and I can confense that their hosting is ideal to host any kind of a website in Kenya.

Truehost offers a variety of hosting plans starting from as low as ksh 1499 up to ksh 14499. They offer three major plans.

  • Silver plan; It’s the basic plan yet with amazing features to get a great website. The plan goes for ksh 1499/yr . From this plan you can host a maximum of three websites. The plan has unlimited email accounts and unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate and a storage a 30GB.
  • Gold Plan; This plan is a lit choice for growing websites. It costs ksh 3499/yr. The plan comes along with unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate and you also host a maximum of 30 websites.
  • Unlimited hosting plan; As the name suggest the plan gives you unlimited resources.Here you will you will eligible for unlimited space, bandwidth, email accounts and websites. Also it comes along with free domain for TLD and free SSL.The hosting plan costs ksh 14499/yr.

Apart from that Truehost cloud offers VPS plans that are incredibly affordable. They also offer  dedicated hosting both managed and unmanaged.

Meaning if you want your website to be hosted in it’s own server without sharing resources with other websites then Truehost Cloud is a lit choice.

One thing I also realized about them is that all their plans are cloud-powered.

What does this tries to mean? Ok when the server where your website is hosted fails the other server chips in  to make sure that your website is online around the clock in 365 days. 

They also utilize the litespeed webserver to prioritize the maximum speed for your website. This is only available in VPS plans and Dedicated hosting. The shared hosting uses the Apache.

Lastly Truehost is also a kind company that offers free website migration when your current host does not statisfy you.

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2.Kenya Website Experts.

Kenya website experts

Visit website       KWE Coupon(save 30%)

As the name suggest they are the web experts with over 10 years of web hosting experience in Kenya. This makes them rank the second and still the top in our web hosting review list.

They are ideal for any kind of a website you need to host in Kenya. With this hosting experience and quality of their plans they managed to get a hosting award from KENIC as the top domain registra on the year 2017 with high customer retention rate.

They offer shared hosting, VPS(only unmanaged) , dedicated  and Cloud hosting. 

Their plans are guaranteed with the following features.

  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited email accounts.
  • Cloudflare CDN free setup.
  • SMTP ,POP3 email channels
  • Apache & Nginx
  • Daily backups.
  • Support via email and phone.

The company however limits the bandwidth .So to achieve unlimited bandwidth you need to purchase a higher plan which is a bit costly. Otherwise, their services are top notch and that is it’s still at the top in our list.


Skyhost website

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When I came across this company i immediately felt in love with their hosting plans especially the VPS plans. If you are planning to start a blog immediately then Skyhost is available for you giving you 7 days to try their hosting plans for free.

Currently, they are offering shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated servers all powered by a cloud platform to ascertain that it guarantee the uptime for your website. 

Here are it’s shared hosting plans.

  • Bronze hosting; it costs ksh 1499/yr. 
  • Silver plan; costing Ksh 3499/yr.
  • Platinum plan; costing Ksh 9499/yr.
  • Gold plan; costing Ksh 14499/yr.

The plans are flavored with following features to make Skyhost among the best hosting providers in Kenya.

  • Free SSL.
  • Multi site hosting even for the basic plan.
  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • Unlimited email accounts.
  • Global CDN.
  • Free domain.
  • Free site migration.

The company is using the litespeed servers to ascertain that your website is optimized for speed. Furthermore, the offering of CDN services  in all their plans ensures that your website’s speed is optimized.

Visit Skyhost now and get your 7days trial.


Hostpinnacle website

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Web hosting technology is very competitive but despite the competition, hostpinnacle has managed to stand out in the web hosting industry.

With strategies in their marketing and affordability of their hosting plans they have greatly attracted clients all over to invest in their services.

They have greatly encouraged customers to appreciate the use local hosts to boost their online career.

Their plans costs as low as ksh 1500/yr with no any hidden charges. At the moment they are mainly specializing on offering shared hosting. However their hosting packages come along with the following features.

  • Lifetime domain registration for TLD.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Site build tools such as the Sitepad.
  • Multi CMS hosting.
  • Unlimited email accounts.
  • Unlimited websites 
  • Free premium SMTP mail channels.

What made me really appreciate their plans is that when you purchase the executive hosting plan you get your website designed for free by an expert.

They also offer bulk SMS services, mpesa intergration and also avails over 1000+ websites tempalates in their plans.

5.EAC Directory

EAC Directory website

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Like any IT company EAC Directory is a great company that has  greatly contributed to the web hosting industry in Kenya. The company isn’t a web hosting provider but also a resource center  which gives web design services

EAC Directory, is also a great VPS and Dedicated hosting provider. Their plans are not cheap either..


Bluehost website

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For a long time Bluehost has been acknowledge as the world largest hosting provider of all time for over 20 years now.

Their services are pretty cheap with hosting expense of $3.95 per month. .If you are looking for a great company to get your website hosted then Bluehost is an excellent choice.Here are benefits of using Bluehost plans.

  • It’s the WordPress recommended company. They are currently powering over 2 million websites. So you aren’t wrong choosing them.
  • It’s the friendliest hosting for beginners with already customization links.
  • Free domain.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited space.
  • Unlimited email accounts .
  • Affordable web hosting plans.
  • Great uptime for your website.
  • Multi-CMS hosting.

Bluehost is an excellent company and very reliable for any kind of a website. They are recently powering over 2  million websites world widely with 20 data centers. 

WP Engine

Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya ( 2020 update) 2 Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya ( 2020 update) •

Visit Website     WP Engine Coupon(save 45%)

If you are looking forward to start an online store, an e-commerce website, a high traffic blog or any website experiencing high number of websites then WP Engine is your outstanding option. 

WP Engine is a managed hosting provider for WordPress websites only. 

The company is not only a hosting provider but also a creative resource center. Once you purchase their plans you get eligible to access the premium and well coded studiopress themes which are optimized for speed and SEO. This themes are really expensive but here you access them for free.

That’s not all WP Engine ensures that your website is experiencing no downtime and is highly prioritized for speed. They have 18 data centers all over the globe.

Here are things to enjoy when you use the WP Engine plans.

  • 35+ Premium StudioPress Themes included for free on every plan type.  
  • 3 environments on each site – Development, Staging & Production.  
  • Automated migration plugin. 
  • GeoIP Targeting and Offsite Backups. 
  • Global CDN free on every plan. 
  • Automated backups. 
  • Automatic core updates. 
  • Page Performance tool included for free. 
  • World-Class WordPress security from Global Edge Security. 
  • WordPress optimized platform. 
  • PHP 7.3 ready. 
  • Automated SSL certificates. 
  • 18 data centers available globally. 
  • SSH Gateway. 
  • Fully Optimized WP Engine DevKit. 
  • 60-day money back guarantee.

Other available features.

  • Global Edge Security.  
  • Content Performance. 
  • Application Performance. (dedicated plans only)  
  • Smart Plugin Manager

WP Engine is now utilizing the Google cloud platform for better performance of your website.

Our Recommend And Favourites

Although we have mentioned a number of companies and all their features, then you might be wondering which company will fit your budget.

We tried to narrow our list downer to make sure that we at least make clear speculation. Then here is our list.

  • Truehost cloud; it’s a cheap company with hosting starting from as low as ksh 1499/yr. If you want to start a blog right away with all things cared for, then this is your one stop.
  • Skyhost; it’s a pretty company and I have always admired their plans like their VPS plans. Their services are like butter in a silver platter. You surely won’t be wrong choosing them.
  • Bluehost; they are the world largest hosting providers and they still are taking care for small budget bloggers. They understand what your business needs to thrive. Choosing them is such a great idea.
  • WP Engine; they aren’t the cheapest out there but surely their prices worth it. However, it doesn’t mean that small businesses aren’t considered. They have a cheaper plan starting at $30 per month. Then, if you are planning to start an online store, you will be on the right track getting their plans.

Wrapping it Up

Web hosting  decision is very critical as I had previously stated. Wrong company choice, the more you risk your online business from succeeding. 

Get a good company that will help you grow but not pull you down with their high downtimes, poor support or high expenses during renewals. In our list we have done our part now it’s all up to you.

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